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A Seven Year Stitch – Textile Exhibition – Linda Turner

Saturday 6th June – Saturday 20th June.


Just over 7 years ago, having reached that stage in life when there was a chance to take things a bit easier and do all the things that there had never been time for, I experienced an event which would change my life.  Some would call it ‘an Epiphany’ but I’m not keen on that expression.  If anything it was a ‘Damascus moment’ when I saw something that opened the door to a whole new obsession.  It was of course, quilting and textile art.

During a trip to America the world of quilting and creating with textiles was discovered and it was the beginning of a journey which still continues.  I started as a beginner, although not a novice sewer, and through a rapid and intense time of reading, observing and experimenting absorbed as much as I could from many different sources.  I’ve met some wonderful people, made some great friends, done some amazing things and gone to places I never thought I would visit and still continue to wonder each day how it all happened.

Seven years later I have written articles and projects for magazines, taught here and in the USA, given talks to groups over a wide area, exhibited with the Grosvenor Shows and won a prize at the ‘Festival of Quilts’ at the N.E.C.  I have also been invited to tutor a week’s course in the French Alps.

I’m a member of the Quilters Guild, Eastern Region Textile Forum, Norfolk Quilters and Alveva Quilters.

A new home in a different part of Norfolk means the creating has been put on hold for a while (until the studio gets sorted out and we stop knocking the house about!) but the journey continues.  I hope you enjoy sharing my journey and looking at some of the pieces made on the way.


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