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Lorna Faulkes Solo Photography Exhibition

I’ve been a lover of nature and wildlife from an early age having grown up in rural Norfolk. Our house backed onto a woodland and often I would fall asleep to the sound of a Tawny Owl and come face to face with Roe Deer whilst out on a walk.

I went on to study Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall which allowed me to combine my creative side with my love of the natural world. I found Cornwall to be the most inspiring place and over the years I lived there I discovered my photographic voice and fell in love with photographing landscapes and of course, wildlife. Nature is unpredictable and ever changing. When I go out with my camera I cannot predict what I might capture and this is what excites me so much about it. It makes the moment I take something so intimate and I intend for this intimacy to be translated to the viewer.

I’m heavily inspired by two photographers and they are Gregory Crewdson and Todd Hido. They are both very different to each other but each create such beautiful works laden with narrative, drama and atmosphere. Hido in particular creates landscapes that are more than just a landscape, they are an exploration of feeling and emotion and you are seeing the world from his perspective. This is something very important to me in my own practice.

The work within this exhibition includes some of my favourite landscapes are wildlife images, including a beautiful fox that visited my garden during the first lockdown last year. I’m also showing a selection of images from my travels across Central Asia in 2019. I was lucky enough to travel the world on an overland expedition from London to Sydney and my favourite part of this journey was crossing Central Asia. I fell in love with the colourful architecture, mountainous scenery and the welcoming people. I hope the images take you to a place that inspires you.