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Hellesdon Sixth Form, Norwich has a reputation for producing exceptional Photography. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests and produce work that means something to them. Having been taught the basic skills of camera settings, lighting and editing, students are then able to design their own projects, each working towards their own creative goals.

Presented here is a selection of imagery produced by A Level students over the past two years. These students have not been able to exhibit their work the same way as those in previous years, therefore it's fantastic for them to have the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience online. The work being exhibited explores a wide variety of subjects and themes including Escapism, Movement, Isolation and Memory to name just a few.

To view more examples of the outstanding work produced by students at Hellesdon Sixth Form, please visit their Photography website -

For more information please contact Mr Robert West, Teacher of Photography at Hellesdon Sixth Form -