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Jay Walker – Metallic Fusion – Etched & Painted Metalwork – 2014

Welcome to the Art Of Jay Walker.

I enjoy working with a variety of materials, namely, Metal, Acrylic, Oils, wood and sometimes a combination. My work covers a mixture of themes, including; Religious, Mystical, Shapes, Patterns, the female form and Floral.

Gallery 006 Gallery 001 Gallery 002 Gallery 003 Gallery 004 Gallery 005I use an array of tools and techniques to complete my pieces, including, Airbrushes, grinders, polishers, brushes, welders to name a few.

 My aluminium works are created in such a way that they react with light and movement , similar to a hologram. I mix special translucent pigments which I layer over the aluminium that I have ground with hand power tools into a pattern that will shine through.

I exhibit throughout the UK at various galleries and exhibitions, please visit the news page on my website for exhibition dates this year.