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Matthew Gollop – Wire Tree Sculptor – Metal Bonsai

Wire Tree Sculptor Matthew Gollop from Norfolk discovered his passion in a somewhat unusual way. While sat at the family dining table on New Years Day he found himself playing with the muselet from a champagne bottle. Before he realised what he was doing he had crafted a small wire tree. From that day Matthew refined his process moving to specialist sculpting wire and launched himself into what can only be called a serious tree crafting addiction. He made over 220 trees in the first year following that fateful New Years day!

Taking inspiration from nature and the art of bonsai, Matthew uses hundreds of meters of specialist wire to construct each tree. The wire runs from the root right the way through to the foliage and is self supporting – no glue is used in the construction of the trees, they are held together with careful twists and turns.

Further information about his work and prices can be found on his website or on his Facebook page.