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Patricia Welsh – Kaleidoscope – Mixed Media Exhibition 2016


Saturday 9th July – Saturday 23rd July. Preview

Join us for the Preview Coffee morning on Saturday 9th July 10.00 – 1.00

Artist in session Wednesday 13th July 10.30 – 12.30,
Patricia will be in the gallery discussing her work and working on her paintings.


I have been involved with the Dragonfly Gallery since 2006, when it was first opened, exhibitIng pictures and crafts on a regular basis when my husband and I lived in Morley St Botolph.  At that time I was a member of the Spooner Row Art Club and Wymondham Art Club.  That was 10 years ago, where has the time gone?

On moving to the North Norfolk Coast it was not practical to regularly take part in the art exhibitions but it was suggested that I could have my craft on show, between exhibitions.  This has meant that the very happy relationship I had built up with both the management and the volunteers at the gallery, could be ongoing.  I regularly visit the wide variety of activities going on at the gallery and, particularly enjoy the Christmas Exhibition, which sees numerous items added to my festive decorating each year.

My love of drawing started as far back as I can remember, but career and raising a family put it on hold and, during this time, having lived in Spain and lived and worked in Oman, photography became a passion and was easier to pick up and put down.

Whilst living in Dorset I was a member of the West Moors Art Club and attended local evening classes in a wide variety of media and styles.

I started seriously to paint again when we retired and moved to Norfolk attending many courses and am currently a member of the Cromer and District Art Society.

My one-woman show is entitled “Kaleidoscope: A Medley of Paper, Canvas and Wood”  and includes  my framed paintings in  watercolour, acrylics on box canvas together with greeting cards of my pictures, bookmarks etc.  I do not have a favourite media or style, painting very much according to what inspires me and the mood I am in at the time, sometimes something tranquil other times I like to let rip with lots of colour!

Pyrography is my main craft hobby and used to be called “poker work” centuries ago, when it was often the task of the local blacksmith to make signs etc using a hot poker.  It became much more refined and beautiful examples of it can be found in country houses.  Today an electric tool with a “hot wire” is used.

I am very fond of decorating wooden items of all kinds, some are very simple kitchen items, others of a more ornamental nature, firstly, burning the outline, often with the Norfolk Poppies we all love and then painting the designs.  I find people buy them for gifts for family and friends especially the ones with messages … at times my humour creeps in, I have to admit!

The exhibition contains a very wide variety of items in a  wide range of prices and whether the item is a personal choice or a gift, there is plenty to choose from.