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Sue Welfare's Solo Exhibition at the Dragonfly Gallery: Artist & Printmaker

I‘m an artist, printmaker and writer living and working in Norfolk. I’ve got no formal arts training and only began working full time as an artist in my very late 50’s after a career as a freelance writer. I’ve always been very visual - when writing I could see what was happening to my characters, and I think that that visual imagination has really helped me develop as an artist. In many ways the move for writer to artist seemed like a natural progression.

Before becoming a printmaker I tried lots of arts and crafts. I’ve worked with mosaics, stained glass, wet felting, papercutting – and I think that experience and experimentation was really worthwhile, helping to build up skills in composition, mark making, colour, handling tools, finding out about inks and blades and glue – and meeting some amazing people who were prepared to show me, teach me and share their knowledge.

I now work primarily as a linocut printmaker, which for me is the perfect balance of art and craft. I love working out the composition and drawing the blocks, but then also love the carving and the technical challenge that comes with creating a print.