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Wayland Artist’s Have Talent

1st July – 15th July

Ashill Painting For PLEASURE GROUP

The group started life in the early 1900’s. The group was set up for retired Civil Servants, the then group was large enough to use the Ashill Community Centre for their meetings.

By the early 2000’s the membership had reduced, they then moved to the smaller venue Ashill call in centre. This meant that we could only accommodate 10 members comfortably which still includes 2 of the original members.

It’s membership is always at maximum our 2 hour sessions include various mixed media i.e. Watercolour, Line wash, Pen and wash, Acrylics and Mixed Media Collages

Contact Tony Thompson Tel: 01760 440568 for further information

Caston Art Club

Caston Art Club was founded around 1985 by Dorothy Riely with some 18 members. It was designed to encourage a relaxed atmosphere for residences to and enjoy painting.

The club now has over 22 members from around the local areas. Over the years both standards and abilities have improved in all media’s, due to guest artist’s workshops, sites visits within around Norfolk and help from one of the founding members Pat Fox.

We staged a successful exhibition every October, which has helped promote the club, and we now have a waiting list for new club members.

Contact John Broad 01953 882432


Saham Toney ART GROUP

Saham Tuesday Art Group – From Small Beginnings

28 years ago, in 1989 four friends who had attended a watercolour class together agreed they would like to continue painting so booked a room at the old Village Hall in Saham Toney for Tuesday mornings. They had no tutor but they learned from books and each other. The group soon grew and word got about so they could get professional artists for demonstrations and workshops and invite friends from other art groups. Individuals who attended other art courses shared their new knowledge with the group.

When the new Wells Cole Hall was built in 1996 they booked the small hall and have met there ever since. Yvonne Harrold (Founder Member) held her own watercolour classes on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning for some years with students eventually joining into one group of 25-30 members meeting on a Tuesday.

There are now some talented artists who willingly share their knowledge in a wide variety of mediums, so new members can find help in a relaxed atmosphere. The group takes art seriously and book professional artists to give them even more information. A public exhibition is held most years, usually in October.

The group meets regularly (practise makes perfect) on Tuesday mornings 09.30-1200 and Tuesday afternoons 13.30-16.00. A break for 3 weeks is taken over the Christmas/New Year period. New members are welcome to join for either session, or both if they wish.

Enquiries to:

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Red Onion – John Broad

Norfolk Saltmarsh – John Broad

Dog – Pam Frogbrook

Fox – Vanessa Robertson

Sue Bunce

Sue Bunce