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Terry Everitt – Wildlife Artist at Work – Wood Carving – 2014

An Opportunity to see Terry Everitt – Carving the birds he loves.

Exhibition & Demonstration by the wonderful Suffolk Woodcarver Terry Everitt 13th & 14th June 10. 00 – 4.00pm

A few words from Terry.

From as far back as I can remember art has been a part of my life, and during the past 20 plus

years I’ve dabbled in one form or another in producing works of art. As most artists I started out

doing pencil drawings, mainly fine detailed birds of prey. After a while, as is my nature, I wanted to

find something a little less commercial, so I turned to using pen and inks, with a technique called

“point and line”, once again fine detail being the main aim of my work, and this once again filled the

void, but only for a short time.

Never having worked in watercolours before I looked at this as a challenge, and having seen work

from one of the masters, Basil Ede, I then embarked on this new venture painting detailed studies

of British songbirds and birds of Prey. (Photo of Tawny Owl) Living in East Anglia I found that the

influx of artists meant that there could only be enough sales of work for so many painters so I then

changed tack once again! I swapped paints and paper for timber and knives and came up with the

idea of putting a carving into a glass box with lighting in, a great concept I thought and proceeded

to call it a “Nature Box”, and with it came a great amount of newspaper and magazine coverage

which helped enormously with sales. (Photo of Nature Box) After a while,once again , I rethought

my game plan, the buying in and putting together of the boxes, glass and electrical parts become

too time consuming and I really wanted to put more effort into making the carving itself a more

prestigious centrepiece, so I abandoned the boxes and since then I’ve put all my time and effort

into creating more detailed pieces of art, which to this day is the main aim of my work.

Since working as a professional carver in September 2012 I’ve created quite a few pieces of work

for exhibiting and also some commissioned pieces, I have written an EBook called “A bird in the

Hand…..” which is available on Amazon, a beginners carving manual “Secrets of the Bird Carver”

which is available as an online manual from a link on my website. I’ve also written articles for:

“Dartford Living” magazine

“Woodcarving Illustrated” in the USA

“Suffolk & Norfolk Life”

“Woodcarving Magazine” UK

twitter: @twebirdcarver

Click on the link below to see Terry Demonstrating his craft.

Terry Everitt – Secrets of a Bird Carver