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Art Does Not Have 2 Match The Sofa -The Tiffey Valley Painters – with their Tutor Malcom Jarvis

The Tiffey Valley Painters

Are a group of 24 artists of varying degrees of efficiency and skill levels who meet once a week in Wymondham to work with their tutor and mentor, Malcolm Jarvis. Some have been working with Malcolm for almost four years whilst others joined the group less than six months ago.

Malcolm says, “My teaching philosophy is ‘less is more’: fewer brushes for livelier, quicker painting; fewer paints for easy, straightforward colour mixing; fewer techniques for optimal results. I teach lessons for improving students’ artistic potential by sharing the best tips, techniques and ideas in the simplest way possible. Through my classes they discover the power of dominance, how to simplify shapes, the importance of value masses and contrast and the key to simplified, unified colour.”

This exhibition showcases the diverse talents of this lively group, some of whom had never painted before joining Malcolm’s classes.